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The Place of No Drama

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We’ve all read a book, or watched a movie or show where the characters rush to judgment about a person or situation, and we all know this is a mistake.

We know because we have seen the bigger picture and we have more facts.

In stories, this creates great drama. We remain riveted to the action wanting someone to see the truth, to step outside of their preconceived ideas, to stop judging, and start listening.

We want the characters to communicate completely, we want them to begin and stay in trust, and we want them to have a more complete understanding of what is really happening.

In most of these stories, an innocent person gets hurt because someone rushed to judgment.

Perhaps you are like me and sometimes because the story is so well written, it becomes almost real and I want to go fix it. I want it to stop, I want to tell them they are mistaken –and then I remember it is just a story.

Imagine how the Divine would feel if It actually was watching our human story.

How often would Love want to stop us from rushing to judgment? How often would Mind wish we would be more understanding, communicate more clearly, listen more deeply?

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