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Learning And Earning

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The sign said something different from what I was looking for, so we just kept on walking. Twenty minutes later, we realized that was where we should have turned after all.

Instead of turning back, my two granddaughters and I decided to explore the direction we were going instead. We arrived safely at our destination just over an hour later than we were expected.

As we were finishing the last leg of the trip, our destination in sight, we reviewed what we had learned from the experience.

Later, I realized that what we had learned was a perfect analogy for traveling in life.

After all, don’t we all sometimes look back on our lives and think, “If only I would have taken that turn, things would be different?”

Of course, that is true, because our choices do affect the outcome, but regret over missing a turn doesn’t serve us at all.

Did you ever notice that if you take the L off the word “learned” it says earned? How perfect is that? We earn as we learn. Therefore, here are the points we learned and earned!

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