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Since You Are Going To Do It Anyway

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At age 26, after my three children were born, I decided to finish college so that I could begin to build a life for myself. Although I already had two years of college, most of my credits didn’t transfer, so I filled in the gaps for the next two years at a community college.

Because of my growing love for translating spiritual ideas into daily practical use, I applied, and was accepted, to UCLA as a theology major.

However, I was also taking and teaching daily dance lessons.

One day I realized that even though I was going to take full credits at school I was not willing to give up my daily dancing.

Pondering how I was going to dance and still go to school, I heard the “Since You Are Going To Do It Anyway” Angel Idea of switching my major to dance, my original choice years before, while continuing to study spirituality on my own.

Although it was complicated, and not logical in the worldview, I made the switch. I worked my way through the paperwork, and auditions, and agreed to the extra years required since I had few university credits in dance.

Even with people questioning my decision, both the logic and the heart of it helped me stick with the plan. Although the following years were in many ways difficult, I never regretted a minute of it.

Actually, the hard work of the next four years provided groundwork for my growing understanding of how to put into practice, the practicality of spirituality.

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