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How Spiritual Ideas Provide

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In my early twenties, living in small duplex in Venice Beach, CA. with my three small children, I felt as if every day was a struggle to provide for my family. A light in my world arrived when I became a member of a lovely little white church located just around the corner from our house.

It was there that I hoped to find answers to my many, seemingly overwhelming, questions.

On the wall of the church was the statement by Mary Baker Eddy that said; “God always has met and always will meet every human need.”

Although I believed it to be true, I didn’t really understand it.

During that time, I often listened to a poem by Mrs. Eddy called Angels. It included another statement that I believed, but didn’t understand. She said, “God gives us spiritual ideas, and in turn they give us daily supplies.”

Daily supplies for me meant enough money for food and rent, and maybe a little left over to save for the next time we would need it.

At first, I thought both those promises meant that God, who acted like a good human parent, would give me some ideas of things to do that would then produce money for food and bills.

Over time, I realized the God referred to is not like a human parent, but instead is the infinitely loving Mind that is the substance of all things. With that dawning awareness, I began to understand the first statement.

Since God is infinite Love, and omnipresent, then nothing but Love has ever been going on.

It followed then that an infinite Love would always provide. I realized that it was only because of my belief systems that I was often blind to that fulfillment.

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