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Bluebird And Email In Cahoots

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followdreamsOutside my office door, the bluebird is scratching at the window. Inside my inbox, an email is scratching at my thoughts.

The bluebird is really trying to get my attention. Not only does he perch on the door and peek into or bump the window, but he also flies to the other window and hovers outside it looking at me sitting at my computer.

The email is also really trying to get my attention; it arrived three times within a few minutes.

Both of the bluebird and the email are waiting for me to acknowledge their message, so what is it?

We have come to associate bluebirds with the quality of happiness, but there is another quality associated with bluebirds, the quality of transition. Perhaps this is what the bluebird is trying to tell me, that it is very possible to be happy in times of transition.

The kind of transition that I am thinking about is when we decide to actually do something we want to do. I don’t mean the things like, “I want to eat a pint of Haagen Dazs ice-cream all by myself,” I mean the kind of transitions where we decide to take steps towards dreams and ideas that have been scratching at our thoughts.

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