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Shopping For Angel Ideas

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AngelIdeasIn a one of his posts, my long-time friend Bert Carson, reminded me of a reason why I sometimes run. Well, Bert runs. I jog so slowly people walking have passed me. However, what happens when Bert runs, and I jog, turns out to be the same.

We write.

For me, sometimes ideas for what to write fly in one at a time, and I collect them like little pearls, safely tucking them away in my memory until I get home. Other times, I have long discussions with myself that can turn into a blog, story, or essay.

I have returned from running, sat down and wrote what I had been thinking about, and days later when I have a blog to write, find that I had already wrote it, and I did not remember doing it.

Gratitude feels my heart when that happens. Provision, before I asked, demonstrated.

However, not only words happen, so do pictures, ideas, and feelings. Often it is an idea of something to do, or talk about, or share, or answers to something I have been pondering.

I call these messages Angel Ideas. Angel Ideas filter in through our open perceptions; sometimes arriving in big waves, sometimes flying in like the wind, and sometimes dripping, drop by drop.

Angel Ideas are messages direct from the infinite Intelligence to us all – guiding, creating, and protecting.

We do not have to run or jog to hear them. They are always present and always timely, we just have to shop for them.

Imagine walking into an Angel Idea Supermarket. There are rows upon rows of Angel Ideas stacked perfectly, reaching far out into the horizon, rising up into the clouds, floors deep into the earth. Each labeled. Each with expiration dates. Each waiting for us to enter the store, and buy it.

So how do we enter the Angel Idea Supermarket? What currency do we use to buy them?

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